Boringly Good Rally 2016

This project took us right back to our TV roots. Commissioned by Greenlight Digital for MBNA Credit Cards, both agency and client were looking for a film that would feel like a TV show format, where the product we were tasked with promoting - MBNA credit cards - was merely an incidental side show.

With just 3.5% of money used in the UK being made up of notes and coins and the rest existing electronically, MBNA wanted to perform a tongue in cheek test to see if we could really do without cash altogether. The result? A 27-minute film, delivered episodically, entitled The Boringly Good Rally, to neatly compliment MBNA’s pre-existing Boringly Good campaign.

Pickle Jar Films were charged with overseeing the entire production – beginning with the development of format and tasks, casting of contestants, and location recces, building up to our one day location shoot with a cast and crew of 20. Post shoot we oversaw the offline edit before addition of graphics, colour grade and audio dub.

Exec Produced by Kevin Hylands. Directed by Liz Robinson & Ali Deacon. Shot on the Canon C300 & Go Pro by Dave Symmons & Charley Meyer, with additional footage shot by Hari Chandegra. Sound by Jonny Horne and Hal Smith. Graphics by Component Graphics. Edited on FCPX.

Overseeing all deliverables, Pickle Jar Films also edited the master work into a series of three episodes. Here is a little teaser and for those with some time on their hands, here’s a link to the full work.