We bring expertise, creativity and an editorial precision to get to the nub of what you and your brand are all about. We have a working model that allows us to be fleet of foot and project responsive. We can quote to fit the most bespoke campaign right through to quick turnaround, agenda led material that needs to be delivered five minutes ago.

We look at projects on their own individual merits. We are not a one size fits all operation, indeed we like nothing more than looking at a brief and coming up with treatments and ideas to fit, pushing new presentation ideas, or bringing fresh visual treatments to the table.



We want to ensure that everyone is on board with the desired outcome right from the outset, so time and money spent here is time and money well spent, eradicating any variables and ensuring a focused approach to the story and the work throughout the process.

We offer a service that is thorough, inventive, innovative but always on message, encompassing all aspect of pre production; location recces, research interviews, reading, contributor preparation and casting as well as the submission of visual treatments and shooting scripts to the client.


During the production process it’s imperative that the technical process doesn’t distract from the editorial. Our experience in producing and directing across genres – from television, to adverts, to promo films means we know what it takes on the day to keep across the brief, and not to get way laid. We know that on a day of shooting, time needs to be managed to ensure that the money being spent can be seen on camera and the treatment promised in pre production is being delivered.



In many ways this is the key phase in the entire production process. It’s where the initial idea becomes a living, breathing thing. As this, invariably, is the first time that the client gets to see the work, our aim is to ensure that the only surprise here is a pleasant one.

During this finishing stage it’s a time for the forensic micromanagement of scripting, shot selection, music, captioning, graphics (from VFX to CGI), colour grading, audio mixing and recording voice over to ensure the work truly sings.