Boringly Good Rally 2016

This project took us right back to our TV roots. Commissioned by Greenlight Digital for MBNA Credit Cards, both agency and client were looking for a film that would feel like a TV show format, where the product we were tasked with promoting - MBNA credit cards - was merely an incidental side show.

With just 3.5% of money used in the UK being made up of notes and coins and the rest existing electronically, MBNA wanted to perform a tongue in cheek test to see if we could really do without cash altogether. The result? A 27-minute film, delivered episodically, entitled The Boringly Good Rally, to neatly compliment MBNA’s pre-existing Boringly Good campaign.

Pickle Jar Films were charged with overseeing the entire production – beginning with the development of format and tasks, casting of contestants, and location recces, building up to our one day location shoot with a cast and crew of 20. Post shoot we oversaw the offline edit before addition of graphics, colour grade and audio dub.

Exec Produced by Kevin Hylands. Directed by Liz Robinson & Ali Deacon.