Sonic Editions x Michael Spencer Jones

Shot in an afternoon on the off chance that something special might be lurking at the bottom of Michael Spencer Jones’ camera bag, our film was as much a chance to revisit the iconic front cover to Oasis 'What's the Story Morning Glory' album and to find out a little bit more about how it came to be.

Directed by Kevin Hylands. Camera and Sound by Hari Chandegra on C300 Mk II. Edited on FCP X.

ITV Collection

This is our second film for Sonic Editions and for TV anoraks like ourselves, this project really appealed. Being given free reign to snoop around the ITV archive uncovered all kinds of cultural moments captured forever on celluloid - everything from Morrissey performing on The Tube to Jonny Cash in San Quentin for Granada TV. This film was commissioned to compliment the release of the photography and to give fans an exclusive look behind the scenes at the process of how the collections are put together.

Directed by Kevin Hylands. Shot by DOP Dave Symmons on Arri Amira. Camera Assistant, Hari Chandegra. Edited on FCPX. 

Mr Porter : Venice Collection

In an era of Instagram and photoshopped photoshoots, Sonic Editions are on a mission to discover and keep alive imagery from a time when stars were truly stars. In this film we follow them to a side street in Venice in search of a unique collection for men’s style destination, Mr Porter. The work not only featured on Mr Porter’s site but has also been hosted on and numerous US based style and fashion sites.

Directed by Kevin Hylands. Shot in 4K by DOP Chris Smith on the F55 with prime lenses and on the Canon 5D, sound by Marco Barion. Edited on FCPX.